Officina Meccanica ROTA has been working in the existing company form since 1974, but the first company establishment dates back to 1959.
Strengthened by the experience gained over many decades with an activity that is made more valuable by a proverbial handicraft quality, always at pace with the most up-to-date technologies in the sector, we offer customers our specialization in the production of precision metallic findings and mechanical working for third parties from very small to large quantities in construction steels, hardening and tempering steels, non-ferrous metals, brass and plastic stuffs.
Our production is highly diversified and includes bushes, threaded joints and pins of any kind, shafts, hubs and pulleys of any dimensions and a very wide range of parts manufactured and processed according to the customer’s drawing, completing the supply with any thermal treatment assigned to reliable specialized companies.
Our fleet of machines includes automatic lathes with bar pass up to 32 mm, CNC lathes with automatic magazine up to 45 mm and turning possibility up to 500 mm as well as a complete range of machine tools to mill, drill, tap and broach. Our production skills can satisfy any needs of the customers, even the most particular ones from the technical point of view.
From buying raw materials in the best drawing mills in the area, always provided with final-test and inspection certificate, to the cutting department, complete with band and blade saws able to cut up to 250 mm diameter, to turn and any necessary recovery process, production is planned with the utmost care and supported by information instruments of the last generation. Quality is guaranteed by our electronic measuring-instrument fleet, besides our care and professional manual skill. Thanks to those instrument we are able to perform any required dimensional check, delivering the customers the control forms of carried out measurements, if specifically required. That enables us to work with a lot of already certified firms according to current rules.
Our priority aim has been reaching a very high and renowned degree of professionalism and efficiency for dozens of years. And today more than ever we are working aiming at giving an always greater and absolute satisfaction.